Major Ethereum mining pools will support ETHW Mining

Major Ethereum mining pools will support ETHW Mining

The Biggest Ethereum Mining Pools Will Support ETHW Mining

Following the consolidation, EthereumPoW will be supported by Poolin, F2Pool,, and Nanopool.

The creators of the new resource announced today that numerous sizable Ethereum mining pools are expected to support Ethereum PoW (ETHW) after the union.

According to a series of tweets from the ETHW account, major pools including F2Pool, Pooling, and will support ETHW mining, which most people would consider to begin after an intentional hard fork. Nanopool said that it would also participate a few hours after the event had already occurred.
Mining pools are associations of cryptocurrency explorers who pool their resources so that other explorers can collaborate with them, have a better chance of handling an exchange, and thus share in the rewards.

Open letter to the Ethereum community from ETHW Core on March 9: Mainnet Launch and ETHW Mining Pool.
The Ethereum Foundation seems adamant about switching to PoS, therefore this is the ideal opportunity to talk about ETHW, the PoW chain that serves as the current foundation for Web3.

In the consolidation, a long-awaited change to proof of stake, Ethereum, the second-largest cryptocurrency, will switch. This will eliminate the need for excavators because validators will take their place in maintaining the organization’s security and managing transactions.

It is anticipated that the change will make the company greener. Evidence-of-work blockchains, like Bitcoin, are renowned for being energy-intensive. Modern tasks that consume a lot of power to maintain the organisation’s functioning are eliminated by a proof-of-stake agreement component.

However, well-known Chinese miner Chandler Guo last month launched an effort to oppose the consolidation since those who just mined Ethereum would really be left with useless equipment.
Guo and other designers offered alternative cryptographic currency through a hard fork that would nonetheless make use of evidence-of-work mining in order to avoid these duties. Additionally, recent press reports confirm that the move has more widespread support.

The tweet in question stated, “Aside from the major mining pools (F2Pool, Pooling,, and so forth) who have confirmed their support of ETHW mining, a few new pools are also conducting mining experiments based on data from our test net.

It also mentioned that the ETHW community had teamed up with the support mining pool EthwMine.

In the interim, a number of important exchanges, including Coinbase and Binance, have declared that they wouldn’t prohibit publishing ETHW.


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